$Electron The Revolutionary Token of the ARC20 Protocol on the Bitcoin Network

Electron is the first experimental high-difficulty POW mining token in the ARC20 ecosystem. In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, where innovation and competition are constant, a new figure emerges: ELECTRON.

Following Satoshi Nakamoto standard model principle: 1 Satoshi = 1 unit.

👉 Atomical ID: 536737aadfaffa17233bca342be2571e14916f6a29003ff4766d515283e68e90i0

About Electron

Welcome to the fascinating exploration of Electron, the trailblazer in experimental high-difficulty POW mining within the thrilling ARC20 ecosystem. In a cryptocurrency universe that never sleeps, Electron stands out as an ever-evolving innovative figure.

"ARC20 is the world's first mineable token standard on Bitcoin. Tokens can be mined using CPU/GPU for distribution. Developed by the new Bitwork proof-of-work algorithm.
ARC20 is also the world's first Satoshi standard model, following the principle of 1 Satoshi = 1 unit.
If Bitcoin is digital gold, then Atomicals tokens are digital coins and jewels. 💰🥇⌚️"


BURNEDelectron burned

Future Outlook

  • With the projected significant reduction in supply due to burning, some speculate that Electron's price could reach notable levels by year-end. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the influence of unpredictable variables in the cryptocurrency world and advise caution.
Atomicals Burned From Time

Our Vision

In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance, Electron emerges as a derivative product of the robust Atomicals protocol on Bitcoin network. Our vision is to drive the decentralized financial revolution, offering a unique and exciting approach to cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Distinctive Features

The burning process means that tokens removed from circulation are destroyed, thereby accelerating the potential for future price appreciation. This system is enhanced with each Electron transaction, where the buy-sell ratio follows a 1:1 proportion to Satoshi, an important aspect for traders.

Insufficient Outputs: When there aren't enough Satoshis in the outputs to accommodate the input values, excess input value is burned, resulting in the permanent destruction of tokens. Incorrect Over-allocation: If there's an excess of Satoshis in the expected output and not enough remaining balance of the inputs for the Atomical, attempting to allocate would result in inflation of the supply and is considered invalid.

Electron arc20

Engage in the Transformation

  • CEX: Electron is available for acquisition on the BingX exchange, providing a user-friendly experience without the need for KYC verification. However, remember that all investments come with risks, and it's crucial to carefully evaluate your decisions.
  • Web3 Wallet: Electron offers flexibility in acquisition, allowing users to buy with various Web3 wallets. Among the compatible options are well-known wallets such as Okx, Unisat, Bitget, and Wizz. This integration with Web3 platforms provides users with the freedom to engage in the exciting Electron experience with ease and security.

Community-Driven Roadmap

  • 01 Exploration and Feedback Phase

    Community Survey: Launch a survey to understand community preferences and expectations regarding new features and improvements.

    Idea Forum: Create a dedicated space where the community can propose and discuss ideas for the future development of Electron.

  • Hackathons and Challenges: Organize collaborative development events, hackathons, and challenges to encourage active contribution from the community.

    Collaborative GitHub: Invite community developers to contribute directly to the source code and review improvement proposals.

  • Educational Sessions: Organize online sessions to educate the community about the secure use of Electron, best practices, and market trends.

    Tutorial Creation: Encourage the community to create tutorials and guides to share knowledge and experiences.

  • Webinars and AMA Sessions: Host virtual events where community members can interact with the development team, ask questions, and get real-time answers.

    Celebration of Achievements: Recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions from the community along the way.


Electron: Revolutionizing the CryptoSphere

From tokenization and dApps to exploring a vast ecosystem of decentralized finance, gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse, Electron is leading the way to a new frontier of possibilities.

Smart Contracts

Create tokens, dApps and more on the Bitcoin network thanks to Arc20.


ELECTRON drives this new dimension of decentralized finance and blockchain apps in the strongest cryptocurrency.


Electron's goal is to expand Bitcoin's capabilities by enabling decentralized financial services, gaming applications, NFTs, metaverse and more.


By being pegged to Bitcoin, Arc20 sidechains benefit from the decentralization and security of Bitcoin mining.

Let's make an explosive Genki-dama upward together.

Explore more about Electron and join us on this exciting journey toward the future of cryptocurrencies. 🚀


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